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Update On Status of Flood Relief Intervention To Bayelsa State.

National Emergency Management Agency

Press Release

Following public inquiries, it has become imperative for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to update on the status of recent flood relief intervention to Bayelsa State.

On 8th October 2022, the Agency through our South South zonal office delivered to Bayelsa State assorted relief materials comprising of food and non-food items for immediate distribution at communities affected by flood. The items were distributed directly to the affected persons in Otegwe and Ibelebiri communities of Ogbia Local Government Area of the State.

The items distributed were:
I. 400 bags of 10 kg rice
II. 400 bags of 10kg maize
III. 300 bags of 10kg garri
IV. 50 kegs vegetable.oil
V. 200 cartons of tin tomato
VI. 200 cartons of indomie
VII. 200 bundles of roofing sheets
VIII. 200 bags of cement
IX. 40 bags of 3″nails
X. 50 pkts of zinc nails

Furthermore, considering the devastating impacts of flood in the state, additional relief materials were approved for delivery to the state. This time around, road transportation had become difficult due to the heavy flooding of the East West Road linking to the state. Therefore, assistance of the Nigerian Airforce was obtained in the airlifting of relief items from Benin Airport to Port Harcourt International Airport and subsequent use of helicopters to move the items to the Helipad in Yenagoa, the state capital.

The airlifting of the relief materials commenced on Tuesday 25th October 2022 and is continuing. So far, the additional relief items delivered are:
I. 1,000 pieces of mosquito nets;
II. 600 cartons of bath soap;
III. 2,500 pieces of guinea brocade;
IV. 1,000 pieces of children’s wear;
V. 1,000 pieces women’s wear;
VI. 1,000 pieces of men’s wear
VII. 8,000 pieces of nylon mats.

The food items in the second approved relief intervention which are being delivered to the state are:

I. 1,000 bags (10kg) of rice
II. 1,000 bags (10kg) of beans
III. 1,000 bags (10kg) of maize
IV. 75 bags (20kg) of iodized salt
V. 150 cartons of seasoning cube
VI. 75 kegs (20L) of Veg oil
VII. 75 cartons of tin tomato

Further to the above, the Agency has procured more relief items for third intervention in less than a month to be delivered to the state as follows:
A. 1,000 bags (10kg) of rice
B. 1,000 bags (10kg) of beans
C. 1,000 bags (10kg) of garri
D. 300 bags (20kg) of iodized salt
E.200 cartons of seasoning
F.100 kegs (20L) of vegetable oil
G. 1,000 pieces of foam mattresses
H. 1,500 pieces of nylon mats
I. 1,000 pieces of blankets
J. 2,000 pieces of mosquito treated net
K. 800 pieces of Guinea brocade
L. 1,500 pieces of children’s wear
M. 500 pieces of wax prints.

Unfortunately, trucks conveying some the additional second and third interventions of food and non-food items were stuck in Kogi State and other locations on the way to Bayelsa State due to the flooded conditions of the roads. Gladly, some of the vehicles have been removed with assistance from our stakeholders are presently moving to deliver the relief items to complement the efforts of the Bayelsa State Government in providing succour to the flood affected persons.

NEMA intervention team is presently in the state and will work with the State Emergency Management Agency and other stakeholders to carry out detailed assessment of devastating impacts the flood for possible further assistance to the affected persons.

In addition to the relief intervention, NEMA in collaboration with the Nigerian Navy through NNS Soroh in Bayelsa State and NNS Pathfinder in Rivers State, Nigerian Red Cross, Local Volunteers carried out evacuation of persons on the East -West Road from and to Bayelsa State.

The Director General NEMA Mustapha Habib Ahmed appreciate the collaboration of the Nigerian Airforce, Nigerian Navy and other stakeholders that supported the Agency in our relief items in Bayelsa State and other States across the country.

Moreover, the DG NEMA, on behalf of the Honourable Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Sadiya Umar Farouq sympathises with the Government and people of Bayelsa State as well as all that have been affected by the flood. He also conveyed assurances of the Federal Government’s continues support and assistance, in line with directives of the President to support the affected persons with necessary basic relief assistance.

The DG NEMA commends the Bayelsa State Government for providing support to the flood affected persons. He also appreciates the understanding of concerned members of the public on the intervention by the Federal and State Government so far.

Manzo Ezekiel
Head Press Unit
NEMA, Abuja.
29th October 2022.

Abdulkadir Kezo Ibrahim IkonAllah

Assistant chief Information Officer New Media

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