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Having observed the recurring Capsizing and Mishap of boats in Kebbi state over the previous years couple with the level of Rainfall this year, Officials of NEMA Sokoto Operations Office, led by Head of Search and Rescue Unit, Aminu S. Ambursa, officials from KSEMA, staff of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Local government officials were at Yauri Boat Terminal, to monitor and ascertain the level of water for proactive measures.

The assessment was based on the state of preparedness, identification of safer ground, if the need arise and availability of facilities for various stakeholders to respond immediately when the need arise.
The assessment team were on a Voyage with a Ferry Boat and discovered spots where the rocks are, and appropriately alerted the relevant authority for blasting the rocks to avoid any incident of boat mishap.


Abdulkadir Kezo Ibrahim IkonAllah

Assistant chief Information Officer New Media

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