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The Relief Unit is concerned with post-disaster humanitarian response assistance to persons affected by natural or human induced disasters within the country and in some cases, intervening in the evacuation of Nigerians stranded in foreign countries.
Its responsibilities include processing of assessment reports, making recommendations for relief interventions, occasional involvement in the distribution of relief materials, and as mentioned earlier, evacuation of stranded Nigerians from foreign countries, and reception of Nigerians repatriated from other countries.  

The major objective of intervention is to mitigate the effect of any incident by providing immediate and timely succour to persons affected by such an event. It may involve providing IDP camps with essential public health and safety services, food, clothing, medicaments, e.t.c.
Relief Intervention Strategies used in such situations entails conducting situation (damage and needs) assessment by NEMA officials. NEMA at this point will network with other stakeholders to undertake assessment and hitch free distribution of humanitarian relief materials.