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The nursing unit has 2 nurses (Principal Nursing Officer and Senior Nursing Officer). The unit is saddled with responsibility of taking care of minor medical needs of the staff of the agency.
The unit carried out the following activities:
•    Provided medical care for Internally Displaced Persons as a result of communal clash.
•    Treatment of different minor ailments / referrals were made.
•    Counseling on prevailing health challenges was given to members of staff at the Agency.

Lack of space to care for the sick before referring them to the hospital for further treatment. 
Non involvement of the unit in awareness campaigns, especially on epidemics like cholera, hospitals, yellow fever, and cerebrospinal meningitis etc.
The unit also lacks equipment as i/v drip stands, nebulizers, glucometer, etc.

i.    Provision of space to accommodate at least 2 beds for observation/ accurate treatment of sick staff.
ii.    Adequate supply of essential drugs to rekindle clinic activities.
iii.    Staff of the clinic to be involved in related activities carried out by the agency, this would not only motivate them, they will gain some experience to boost their capacity.

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