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NEMA downscales flood early warning strategies to grassroots levels in Abia State

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has downscaled flood early warning strategies to grassroots levels in Abia State, addressing the 2024 flood predictions by NIMET and NIHSA. NEMA’s Director General, Mrs. Zubaida Umar represented by Director Human Resource NEMA Headquarters Dr Ejike Martins, emphasized the importance of collaboration among stakeholders to mitigate flood impacts and urged proactive adherence to warning strategies to protect lives and livelihoods. Noting past devastating floods, she highlighted the necessity for government cooperation in disaster management. The 2024 Annual Flood Outlook predicts high flood risks for 31 states and moderate risks for 35 states, underscoring the need for preparedness across various sectors.

Mrs. Umar stressed the importance of community engagement and communication in flood risk reduction, particularly in high-risk areas. The Governor of Abia State, represented by the Hon. Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Philemon Asonye Ogbonna, acknowledged the 11 affected LGAs in Abia and urged the public to heed flood warnings and avoid dumping refuse in waterways.

The event featured a presentation on disaster preparedness and risk reduction strategies, identifying flood-prone areas and recommending mitigation measures. Attendees, including local government officials and traditional leaders, engaged in discussions on enforcing environmental laws and promoting tree planting to combat flooding.

Abdulkadir Kezo Ibrahim IkonAllah

Assistant chief Information Officer New Media

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