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LASEMA,NEMA Emergency Response Teams Rescue Trapped Individuals In a Car Under A Container In Lagos

Last night, at around 10:30 pm on Sunday, September 24, 2023, Emergency Response Teams from LASEMA ,NEMA and other Stakeholders successfully rescued three individuals who were trapped inside a Toyota Corolla car (license plate JJJ 811 FB) under a 40ft container that had fallen onto the vehicle at the top of Ojuelegba bridge, heading towards Stadium in Lagos state.

Among the three rescued individuals, only one, a male, emerged from the incident unharmed and was promptly released. The other two casualties, an adult male and a female, were swiftly transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

Surulere Police Division personnel were present at the scene to ensure security. The entire rescue and recovery operation concluded by 11:30 pm that same night.

Abdulkadir Kezo Ibrahim IkonAllah

Assistant chief Information Officer New Media

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