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The Department is the nerve centre around which the functions of the Agency revolve. It is the human resource provider; that links the strategy for staff performance thereby creating sustainable value chain for overall success of the Agency.

The goal of the Department is to ensure that the Agency’s human and material resources are utilized effectively and efficiently in achieving the Agency’s set goals/strategies. The department strategically   assists the leadership of the Agency in coordinating activities of other departments for efficient and effective results.

To help achieve its goal, the Department is divided into two divisions with smaller units under them (see the Department’s organogram).
The divisions are:
i.    Human Resources
ii.    General Administration & Supplies

1.    REPORT OF HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION: This forms the pivotal role of the Department as organisation’s competitive advantage stem primarily from the personnel and the organisation’s ability to retain a highly committed and capable work force. The Division therefore aids in increasing the Agency’s effectiveness and capacity to handle staff matters. The Division takes charge of such tasks as declaration of vacancies/subsequent advertising, processing of applications, appointments/recruitments, documentation of newly recruited staff, career progression, processing staff annual increments, confirmation of appointments, promotions, conversions, inter-cadre transfers, disciplinary issues, transfer of service, leave matters, Annual Performance Reports (APER). Staff Pensions, staff welfare, and all other related staff matters as may be assigned by the Director, Administration and Supplies from time to time.

1.2    REPORT OF GENERAL ADMINISTRATION & SUPPLIES DIVISION: The conditions, measures and parameters available for optimal productivity of personnel provide another angle towards efficient and effective administration. As environment and tools available to staff are intertwined with their resultant output, the division therefore handles such tasks as office management, office accommodation and allocation, provision of furniture, cleaning matters and security matters, insurance matters, servicing of Agency’s meetings through provision of secretarial services. The division also attends to all correspondences both internal and external.

2.1-    Activities of Human Resources Division

i.    Guiding Principle: The Department is operated and regulated by the use of   Public Service Rule (PSR), Circulars emanating from Office of the Head of Service, Office of the Secretary to Government of the Federation, Scheme of Service, Internal Circulars and Financial Regulations. These instruments provide needed guidelines on appointment, promotion and disciplinary cases.

ii.    PROMOTIONS: The promotions exercise for 2013 has been concluded. The final meeting of the Senior Staff Establishment Committee is being awaited.

iii.    Discipline: Every staff must perform the tasks entrusted to him with diligence and efficiency. The Department considers habitual negligence, indifference in the performance of duties, failure to obey directive of a superior (except in the case of threat to health or safety of the subordinate) as a breach of discipline.
In the year 2012 nine (9) members of staff were disciplined in accordance with the provisions of the extant Rules and Regulations governing the service.
iv.     Employment: The provision of competent, cost effective and adequately qualified staff that will meet the Agency’s standard requirement is also a key responsibility of this unit. During the year under review, the Department did not employ, but handled internal posting and transfers within and outside the Agency. In the course of the year under review, twenty seven (27) staff were granted approval for part time study leave.

v.    Management of Pension: The Department in conjunction with department of Finance and Accounts manage the Staff Pension Scheme; during the year under review some pensioners were paid arrears of their pension in respect to review by the salaries and wages commission. Also the Department organized customer interaction forums with some Pension Fund Administrators, where members of staff had opportunity of asking questions on their contributory Retirement Savings Accounts.

vi.    Annual Performance of Evaluation Report (APER): This is a yearly report of each officer’s work, conduct and capabilities from which his/her suitability for promotion will be judged. Officers on GL.03-14 are expected to fill their APER’s every year and to give the required information in their replies to the question on the pages of the APER forms. Each officer is expected to forward their APER to their reporting officers who shall complete the appropriate sections of the report and forward same to the Head of Department. However, confidential reporting system is used for officers on GL. 15-17.
The Department distributed the APER forms for year 2013 and ensured that staff filled their forms and returned same for processing.

vii.    Combined Confirmation/Promotion Examination (COMPRO): All officers joining the service or transferring from one establishment to another who are yet to be confirmed in the Federal Public Service are required to pass the yearly confirmation examination conducted by the Manpower Development Office (MDO) of the office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation. An officer who fails to take the COMPRO after (3) years of first appointment is required to resign from service. Similarly, officers who fail the examination after three consecutive attempts will by virtue of such failures be required to resign or withdraw from the service.

To ensure compliance, the Department compiled names of eligible staff, forwarded the list to the MDO, processed the COMPRO fees and ensured that eligible staff took the examination. One hundred and eighty seven (187) senior staff and fifty (50) junior staff sat for promotion examination in April 2013, and recorded 100% success.

viii.     Leave Matters: This is the authorized absence of an officer from duty for a specified period of time. The Department ensures that all departments and zonal offices forward their leave rosters in the first quarter of the year, and all leave approval adheres to the leave roster earlier forwarded. The Department also processes the leave and issues leave advice to concerned staff to help guide them accordingly.

ix.    Staff Verification: During the year under review, the Department conducted staff verification exercise in the Headquarters and all the zonal offices; this exercise updated staff qualifications records and other personnel related matters. This is to ensure that staff information and status are captured properly and timely on the Agency’s staff database.

x.    Petitions & Appeals: These are formal request to ultimate authority for consideration of matter or matters affecting an officer personally. Petitions and appeals must be submitted through the petitioner’s superior officer to the Head of Department, and to the Director, Administration & Supplies. The petition will be verified and appropriate action taken. However, any petition/appeals submitted more than six months after the decision complained of had been given, will not be entertained unless such delay is supported by valid reasons.

The Department dealt with a few appeals during the period under review.
xi.    Death and Resignations: During the year under review, the Agency lost Mrs. Bridget Ojobo and Mrs. Rahinatu Koba Sani.  In the same period, the Agency accepted the resignation of seven members of staff.

II- Activities of General Administration & Supplies Division
i-        Policy Formulation and Execution: The Department assists the management in the formulation, execution and implementation of government policies as it affects the specific works carried out in the Agency. In this aspect the Department provided the vehicle for policy formulation and programmes thereby ensuring implementation during the period under review.

ii-    Assets: The Department manages and oversees the Agency’s assets; the Agency was allocated a piece of land in Kaduna for the construction of the new northwest zonal office. Already the Department has concluded the payment of compensation to those affected. It also ensures that all vehicles, fixed assets and other movable assets are in good shape and well taken care of for the use of management and staff of the Agency.

iii-    Corporate Affairs/General Administration: The Department handles the Agency’s office management, accommodation allocation, security matters, provision of furniture, general maintenance of building/furniture, insurance matters (vehicle/building, theft and burglary, fire/group personal accidents (GPA)/life insurance etc)and protocol matters i.e. organising of official receptions/visit, servicing of Agency’s major meetings  such as the following:

a.    Staff Establishment Committee(s) of council, Senior and Junior.
b.    Committee of Senior Management Staff.

a.    Insurance: The Department handles the Agency’s insurance policies and ensures its continuous renewal so as to access claims if the need arises. During the year under review, the lead Broker Boff & Company limited was changed to Cautious insurance brokers’ ltd. The Department was able to access some claims from the Insurance company(s) handling the Agency’s Risk policies.

iv-    Cleaning/Security services: The Agency outsourced the services of cleaners and gatemen by engaging the services of cleaning and security outfits at both the headquarters and the zonal offices. The out sourcing of these services is aimed at safeguarding the Agency and promoting hygiene in the workplace.

v-    Supplies & Stores matters: The Department prepares supply documents. The Department also ensures that goods received by the stores meet the standard and that all store management parameters (i.e. materials are orderly arranged for ease of loading/statistics; First-in First-out(FIFO) principle is adopted to avoid expiration of goods and attendant destruction; fumigation of warehouses against pests, rodents and other insects) were adhered to.

vi-    General office maintenance: The Department is saddled with the task of providing maintenance and other service deliveries. In this respect, it ensured the maintenance of immovable properties of the Agency spanning from the zonal offices, by way of refurbishment, painting and other sundry maintenance requirements with a view to making the structures habitable for conducting office business.
The Department renovated the Northwest zonal office Kaduna, while the South-South and North Central zonal offices are currently undergoing renovation.

vii-    General vehicles maintenance: The Department is saddled with general maintenance of the Agency’s vehicles. It ensured that all the vehicles are in good shape, by servicing and repairing them periodically or when the need arises. The department is also responsible for the fuelling of all vehicles in the Agency.

viii-    General plant (Generators): During the year under review, the Department ensured that the generating plant was maintained for effective use whenever there was power outage.

ix-    Supervision of the Agency’s Security Services: The Department supervised the activities of the security companies outsourced for the provision of security in both the Headquarters and the Zonal offices.

x-    Staff Variation: The Department processed staff variations with their financial implications, example yearly increments, promotions, and upgrading and proper placements etc; used by the Department of Finance and Accounts for payment of salaries.

xi-    Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System (IPPIS): It is a fiscal reform program initiated by the Ministry of Finance to block all sources of financial leakages in payroll payment system. During the year under review, the department enrolled all the newly recruited drivers that were employed in late 2013 into the IPPIS and ensured that their biometrics were adequately captured.

xii-    Participation in Search & Rescue exercise As & When the need arises: As expected, emergency management is everybody’s assignment, when it occurs all hands are usually on deck and the department was not left out. In particular members of staff are always on standby to provide the immediate/urgently required materials. The department also assists with the coordination at the base by contacting the required staff.

xiii-    External & International Obligations: The Department is also saddled with international activities which covered protocol matters and participation in foreign interventions to assist countries ravaged by disaster.

xiv-    Registry: All incoming and outgoing mails go through the registry. The registry has in place a good and efficient record filing and trucking system for all records .The registry maintains a file movement book for tracking all Agency’s files.

5- Summary: The activities of the Department are immense and their routine nature places the department strategically in assisting the leadership in coordinating, managing and developing the Agency as a whole.


DIRECTORATE CADRE               (GL. 17-15) = 40

MIDDLE OFFICERS CADRE     (GL. 14- 07) = 347

JUNIOR CARDE                           (GL. 06-03) =84

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