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Adamawa state Humanitarian Coordination Meeting:

NEMA Head of Operations and Key Stakeholders Convene for Collaborative Response

In a significant step towards fortifying the state’s emergency response mechanisms, the Adamawa State Humanitarian Meeting witnessed the participation of crucial stakeholders, including the NEMA Head of Operations. Mr Ladan Ayuba


The event brought together a comprehensive representation of entities pivotal to crisis management.

The presence of NEMA Head of Operations Mr Ladan Ayuba underscored the national commitment to collaborative efforts in addressing humanitarian challenges.

The meeting served as a platform for open dialogues and strategic discussions on bolstering the state’s preparedness and response to emergencies.

One of the highlights of the gathering was the provision of comprehensive updates from each participating stakeholder. This information exchange allowed for a holistic understanding of the current state of affairs, challenges faced, and progress made in the respective sectors.

The collaborative spirit exhibited during the meeting reaffirms the collective dedication to creating a robust and coordinated humanitarian response mechanism. Updates from the various stakeholders shed light on the multifaceted efforts underway to enhance emergency response, ensuring a more resilient and adaptive approach.

The Adamawa state commissioner for Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Mr Hamman Diram extended appreciation to all participants for their active engagement and transparent communication.

30th November, 2023.

Abdulkadir Kezo Ibrahim IkonAllah

Assistant chief Information Officer New Media

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