The Department is mandated to liaise with the various departments in the Agency to identify training needs and develop appropriate training programmes anchored on international best practices for staff, stakeholders, volunteers, State Emergency Management Agencies (SEMAs’) and ensuring an appropriate career progression path of the general staff. The latter is subdivided into three (3) categories with the aim of building a sustainable and progressive Emergency management learning activities. 
The training programme for career progression from one cadre to another have been sub-divided into 3 categories with the aim of building sustainable and progressive emergency management learning activities . It is designed to build the capacity of staff based on their departmental assignment.
These categories include
Fundamental Courses: These courses form the basis for future development and are central to the mandate of the Agency. This also includes training programmes that are common to all departments.
Specialized Courses: These are courses designed or developed for a particular purpose or area of knowledge e.g. MCC, Search & Rescue, GIS, Communications/IT, etc.
Professional Courses: These are courses related to particular jobs that need special training or skill and may require professional certification/qualification, e.g. Accountants, Administrators, Nurses, Trainers, Engineers, etc.
The department of Training has three divisions:
I. Simulation Division
II. Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
III. Career Progression/Training Development Division
Emergency Evacuation Program for Civil ServantsSimulation Division
The simulation Division initiates, plans and implements all the Agency’s simulation exercise and programmes, assists in the sensitization of all the Agency staff on the concept of simulation as well as liases with the Simulation Center at the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Jaji on all issues relating to sensitization and enlightenment of NEMA Staff and Stakeholders on the imperatives of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. The division also contributes in the formulation of simulation policies for the Agency and assists Zonal Offices with the planning and execution of simulation exercises at the zonal level.
It is equally responsible for the stock taking and checking the level of preparedness of all response agencies and the medical facilities and preparedness of Hospitals to respond to mass casualty resulting from disasters. The Division also develops strategies for effective command and control at incident sites and checks the preparedness level of NEMA Operational Staff 9Search and Rescue Officers0 in responding to incidents.
Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Division
The Training, Monitoring and Evaluation Division tracks the progress, effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of all training programmes in the agency, assesses all training programmes carried out in the Agency, carries out periodic evaluation of all the training activities in the Agency to determine whether they are carried out as planned, what resources are used, total number of people reached and the quality of training conducted. Furthermore, the M&E Division collects, collates, analyses and documents all training data in the Agency, develops indicators ad targets to be used in tracking ttraining outcomes and outputs. It builds the capacity of the Agency staff in 
training, monitoring and evaluation and carries out operations, research and special studies to ascertain the impact of training programmes.

Career Progression/Training Development Division
The Career Progression/Training Development Division ensures proper implementation of the Agency’s career progression guidelines, develops new programmes on career progression and staff training, assess staff training needs and skill gaps analysis and also develops training programmes on capacity building for SEMA’s, LEMC’s, Stakeholders and State MDA’s as well as keeping records of all such trainings executed by the Agency.
Other functions of the Division is to keep and update inventory of accredited training institutions, organizations and consultants, keep record of staff training reports and recommend fundamental specialized or professional courses for the purpose of actualizing staff career progression from on cadre to another.
Below are the functions of the Department:
Liaising with the various departments for the purpose of developing Training needs of all categories of officers of the Agency.
Liaising with stakeholders to identify Training needs.
Identifying gaps in Training needs and developing proposals tailored to solve the problems.
Preparing an annual budget for training.
Monitoring manpower development of the Staff of the Agency and stakeholders to identify the gaps and note improvement in productivity.



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