The Protocol Unit

The protocol Unit is charged with the responsibilities of managing all international travels of employees of the Agency and that includes processing of international passport , procurement of visas , Diplomatic Relations,  Reception of Guest, Managing the Boss, Regularisation of stay for expatriates, Airport Protocol Passage, ticketing, purchase and presentations of Corporate Souvenirs  and Events Management for the Agency.

Presently the Unit has two staff and in the year 2010 undertook the following activities:
  • Consular /Diplomatic Functions:
  • The unit worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Health Insurance Companies, Banks, and Embassies to achieve all requirements for the procurement of Visas for the Director Genera; Management and other members of staff who traveled oversees to attend official engagements as listed below.
  • Cospas  Sarsat Expert Working Group Meeting, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Pilot Training- Conversion on MI 17, Ukraine.
  • Pilot Training- Conversion on MI 17, United States of America.
  • International Disaster Management Course by Bournemouth Centre, UK.
  • Relief Delivery to Haiti.
  • Forty Fifth Session of the Cospas Sarsat Council Meeting, Montreal Canada.
  • International Telecommunication Union 2010 Plenipotentiary Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • International Bar Association Conference, Vancouver Canada.
  • Helicopter Inspection, Russia.
  • Training for Search and Rescue Officers, Austria (later postponed).
  • United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination, Europe Induction Course, Lausanne Switzerland.
  • Un- Spider Regional Workshop On Building Regional Space-Based Solution For Disaster Management And Emergency Response For Africa, Ethiopia.
  • Joint security assessment mission on the Rapid Assessment of Niger-Nigeria Cross Boarder Food Security Situation in the Republic of Niger.
  • United Nations International (UN-Spider) Workshop on Disaster Management and Space Technology, Bonn, Germany.    
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference  Cancun, Mexico.
The Protocol Unit has been involved with passport Procurement for all Staff of the Agency.The Unit was also involved with the Regularisation of stay (work Permit) for the Helicopter Expatriates (Kama Kazen).
Anchored some events that were organised by the Agency.
The unit was involved in the Purchase and printing of carriage bags for Presentation of Gifts. 
The unit was involved in drawing out the itinerary of the Director General, Airport Protocol Service, ticket Purchase, and Guest Reception.
Tony Ephraim Head, Protocol Unit.

NEMA Nigeria

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