Planning, Research and Forecasting

The Department of Planning, Research and Forecasting was created as an offshoot of the Agency after the establishment of NEMA in 1999. Its functions cut across all the other departments of the Agency. The Department plans all activities of the Agency and also takes care of the monitoring and evaluation of projects implementation. It has been responsible for developing policies and activities relating to the management of disasters within the country.

The Department is responsible for the following:
  • Assisting in developing policies on activities relating to disaster management and co-coordinating plans and programmes for efficient and effective response to disaster at national level.
  • Coordinating and promoting research activities relating to disaster management at the national level.
  • Monitoring the state of preparedness of all organizations or agencies which may contribute to disaster management in Nigeria.
  • Collating data from relevant agencies so as to enhance forecasting, planning and field operation of disaster management.
  • Educating and informing the public on disaster prevention and control measures through conferences and seminars.
  • Liaising with the United Nations Disaster Reduction Organizations and other International bodies for the reduction of natural and other disasters.
  • Other Activities of the Department Include:
  • Collation of the capital projects of the Agency.
  • Carrying out researches towards the provision of necessary information and monitoring of the state of preparedness of stakeholder organizations and agencies, among others.
  • Collation of data from relevant agencies in order to provide database which are expected to enhance forecasting, planning and field operations of disaster management. The department has a Computer Unit and the Geographic Information System laboratory, which provides computer based networking of the whole Agency and the necessary spatial data needed for quick response in the event of a disaster.
In carrying out its responsibility, the department organizes workshops, seminars, meetings, campaigns and trainings through which members of staff and stakeholders are sensitized and informed on disaster management polices for effective implementation of the National Disaster Response Plan.
The department is also responsible for organizing meetings of the Technical and Logistic Committee (TLC), Resident Due Process, the Governing Council of NEMA as well as other meetings that are geared towards moving the Agency forward & Meetings with Stakeholders on Emergency

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