Internal Audit Unit

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The Internal Audit Unit functions in measuring and avaluating the effectiveness of the internal control system in the Agency. In an effort to strengthen these controls, a detailed examination of the accounts records and systems was undertaken. Where any weakness was identified, it was reported and recommendation made for improvement. This was with a view to ensuring that correct and reliable records are maintained at the departmental and zonal levels. In the 2011 Unit review, it was discovered that owing to incidence of disasters recorded there was the post delivery confirmation of materials delivered or distributed to various states in the country.
Staff Training
The training and retraining of staff in the unit is a top priority in our efforts to update their knowledge and skills. Also, the training of Internal Auditors to cope with the computerization of the accounts department started in earnest under an Audit ICT programme. The staff are to be trained on an Audit Software that will make for efficiency on the job.